Participating At IllustratorWorld

We welcome you to our community. We hope you enjoy browsing artwork created by some truly amazing vector artists. In addition, we know you will appreciate some of the other real world art that fellow illustrator and designers post on a daily basis.

However we also hope you will join the community and participate in it's growth. How can you participate? By posting your own vector artwork, by sharing ideas and advice in the forum, contributing to the eMag, and by participating in IW contests, competitions.


Get involved. Showcasing your best vector work on We've included a few comments about IW galleries.

What should I post in my gallery?

  • Only completely finished work should be posted in your gallery. If you'd like to receive input on a work in progress, then feel free to post your WIP in the forum.
  • You should post your very best work. Please view your gallery as a portfolio- not a place to dump image. Many prospective clients use to find talent. Again, if you have quick sketches, experiments or other images that you'd like people to see, that are not your best work, feel free to post them in the forum.
  • Like any brick and mortar gallery, the management at chooses which of your works will be shown. For the most part, we'll allow you to post any work that you wish as long as the artwork is complete. However we will not display any work that includes graphic sexual or violent content or racially bias content. reserves the right to decline posting any art work that is submitted.

Posting on the Forum

Looking for input on your latest work of art? Or have a question about Illustrator? Then please get involved in our Forum. Perhaps you're an expert with Illustrator or Flash. Your expertise is greatly appreciated in the forum. The forum is a great place to learn and share ideas.

There are some great regulars on the forum. We hope you'll get to know them and become a regular yourself.

We expect all forum members to treat each other with respect. Rather then post detailed rules we would just like to remind members to act in a manner that befits true professionals.

Contests and Competitions

Each month we try to hold a contest to challenge our members. While the community can only choose one winner, we encourage you to participate to show off your creative skills.

In addition from time to time we have 'live' competitions, like our Vector Survivor series. We hope you'll volunteer for activities like these.


If you are a professional Illustrator, and would like to submit tutorials or articles about the marketplace, or business ideas for the vector illustrator or designer, we hope you'll submit your ideas. Submit article or tutorial ideas to

Lending a helping hand

One final way you can participate, is by becoming involved in managing the site. We currently have several Forum moderators. However we can always use a few more. In addition we are looking for folks who can help with coordinating eMag production or other special activities. Submit article or tutorial ideas to

Again, welcome to!

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