In the fall of 2002, in the office of then Adobe Illustrator Marketing Manager Leon Brown, I lamented the fact that I couldn't find a single online community for Adobe Illustrator users. Photoshop sites were easy to find. But I could find nothing dedicated to the vector artist using Illustrator. He and I agreed that Illustrator users could benefit from such a site, and indeed deserved to have their own community. I was given the OK to begin work on a beta site which I named

We built the site from a template provided by Mark Coffman and the folks at, and launched the site that January. Within three months our membership soared to 500. The galleries became a major draw of the site. Members of the Illustrator QE team (which I was a part of at the time) contributed their time and provided answers for many of the questions posted to the IW forum. Arron, Renae, Eric, Jason, Paula, Brenda, Amy, Mark and others provided answers to many questions posted in the forum. In those early days the forum would not have been supported so well had it not been for the support of then QE Manager Chris Scott.

In addition, a small band of industry professionals became volunteers and helped to manage the site. Mike Sellers, Brooke Nunez and Todd Ferris were a few of the first.

By the second year, the community had grown to be the largest Illustrator site/community online. Chris Scott and Mike Abbot agreed to add the maintenance of the beta site to my official duties at Adobe. I was able to spend a few hours each day answering questions, writing tutorials and hosting contests that showcased Illustrator features (as long as my other duties were done). If it were not for Chris Scott and Mike Abbott, QE Manager at Adobe, I would never have been able to continue to support and grow the site- which was becoming an invaluable resource for many AI users world wide.

Attempts to make IW an official site continued to sputter at Adobe. However the site continued to flourish.

In 2005 I decided to leave Adobe. However before leaving I met with Senior Marketing Manager Terry Hemphill to discuss the future of the site. It was at that time Terry Hemphill stepped up and committed to officially support my efforts to grow

Even thought the site crashed in June of that year, Terry remained determined to support the rebuilding of the site. His continued support has been greatly appreciated. In short, this new site could not have happened without his efforts.

2006 has begun with the rebuilding of the website. Eric Kolb, former Director of Artist Relations for (the largest art site on the Internet), was brought on board to create the infrastructure for the new site.

I felt it was important to share this site's history with new visitors and members, and to give credit to those who have believed in this site. It's been a labor of love for all who have shared in building and growing the site. We hope you'll continue to make IW a special place by your participation as a member of our growing international community.

Todd Macadangdang


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