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Poster, box art Poster, box art
Contest Ended: 3 May 2008 - 18:07
Create a poster or box art for a new online game, Zoovolution! Winner get's free software: Illustrator CS3.
March Madness March Madness
Contest Ended: 9 April 2007 - 15:45
March Madness! Nothing better than seeing students go at it in creative competition! Here are your players: Lowell Chelton, J Porta, Fer Carvantes, Jaclyn Mendes, Joseph Akers, Amanda Sitterley, and Joshua Small!
Package Design Package Design
Contest Ended: 31 March 2007 - 18:03
Rev up your engines boys and girls! This months contest is package design! You can choose to create label/package design for our fictitious products or create a packaging design for the product of your choice.
Poster for a Cause Poster for a Cause
Contest Ended: 25 November 2006 - 17:13
POSTER CONTEST TIME AGAIN! But this time it's for a CAUSE. You choose the cause- and if we open our eyes to the world, away from our day to day lives, we'll find there are many. Create your entry with a passion for vector art and the cause of your choice.
Contest Ended: 1 October 2006 - 00:18
Spiderman, X-man, Daredevil, and Superman! All heros with great powers and talents (not to mention interesting looking body suits). Now it's YOUR TURN! What are your super powers! Create yourself in vector as a SUPER HERO (or super villain).
July's Gig Poster Contest July's Gig Poster Contest
Contest Ended: 4 August 2006 - 04:22
Bands the world over promote their local gigs with posters created by innovative and imaginative designer and illustrator! July's contest is to create a GIGPOSTER for a local band or one of the imaginary bands listed below (or you can make up your own band). You can not create a gig poster for an established band (no Rollingstones or Coldplay posters).
Vector Ping Pong Tournament Vector Ping Pong Tournament
Contest Ended: 22 September 2006 - 01:57
How well do you work with other artists? Are you a team player that can bring it when the creative chips are on the table? Crave competition? Eight people, head to head competition, four challenges, one grand prize! Vector Ping Pong.
Portraits in Vector Portraits in Vector
Contest Ended: 1 July 2006 - 07:03
To kick off our grand re-opening of the new, our first contest is "Portraits in Vector"! This contest runs through June, so get your entries in before June ends.
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