INSTRUCT. INSPIRE. INNOVATE. is the largest site on the Internet dedicated exclusively to vector art and vector applications. It was created to serve several purposes: Instruct, inspire and promote innovation.

First this site was created to instruct those who wish to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator (and now Flash and Freehand) or to hone their skills with these vector application. Illustratorworld provides tutorials to help our members and visitors alike accomplish this. However much of the learning takes place within the community- in our forum, where members share their knowledge with one another. In addition, our future plans include access to online courses, video courses as well as seminars and events for the vector artist.

Secondly, is designed to inspire all artists, whether they be vector, pixel or traditional artists. Visiting the galleries and forums provide visitors with a visual experience that is sure to stimulate artistic creativity.

When members or visitors are excited by what they see, and when they learn what the applications are cable of, they become innovators themselves. Pushing the limits of the application as well as their artistic vision, our members create work that in turn instructs and inspires. We also hope to provide a mix of instruction and inspiration in our news letter.

It must be said that this site is nothing without it's members. The people make the site a great place to visit, hang out and learn. Members who participate by posting work, answering questions, providing feedback and building friendships are the heart of We hope you'll jump in and be a part of this friendly and thriving community of artists.

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